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The Pelosi Files

The Pelosi Files are dedicated to videos exposing lies and other treasonous acts of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with some citizens' humorous videos about the abomination Pelosi. And some photochops by me.

Nancy Pelosi is a proven consumate liar and betrayer of We The People, that is the Truth. She is an abomination in every sense of the word. I despise her, as should every other American today.

Pelosi-Rasputin Nancy Harlot of Babylon Nancy Whore of Babylon wearing stolen Crown of Liechtenstein

Bullwinkle's Hat Trick: Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull A Traitor Out Of My Hat!

Pelosi Reveals Her Anti-Freedom Policy Again NEW!

Flashback: Pelosi Says Dems Will Have Most Honest and Most Ethical Congress

Pelosi Says Unemployment Stimulates the Economy (satire based on truth):

The Monster from MKULTRA eyes Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Lies About Waterboarding:

A Critic Speaks Out On Pelosi's Waterboarding Lies:

I Love This Assessment of Pelosi:

Pelosi tells musicians "or whatever" to not work, Healthcare Reform will pay their way thru life. Pelosi also uses the term"entrepreneurial" to decribe healthcare in the video. That seems to one of Pelosi's watchwords.

In the video below, Pelosi again uses "entrepreneurial", this time to excuse some of her other treacherous activities.

Left-Wing Nut Pelosi Attacks American Families and their Babies

Pelosi's Double Standard On Minimum Wage:

Nancy Pelosi's Greatest Hits:


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