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Un-Official History of the Long Range Takeover of America

Part 3: Key U.S. Anti-Communism 1920's thru 1950's

After the Communists took power and established the Soviet Union in 1922, they began to infiltrate the US in long range takeover. They first targeted our military and government, then media, schools, courts, labor, business, churches, and other aspects of our society.

We The People were aware that Communists threatened America, although not aware of the long range takeover plots of Druids, Illuminati, and assorted vermin.

Congressional Investigations of Communist Infiltration 1918-1975

First was the Overman Commitee (1918-1919), mentioned here in Part 1.

Then there was The Fish Committee in the 1930's, headed by Hamilton Fish, a soldier and politican from North Dakota.

In a 1931 article, Fish described communism as "the most important, the most vital, the most far-reaching, and the most dangerous issue in the world" and believed that there was extensive communist influence in the United States. The Fish Committee even investigated a presidential candidate, see this page.

Then from 1934-1937 there was the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, chaired by John W. McCormack and Samuel Dickstein. This eventually became the House Committeee on Un-American Activities (HUAC).

The Committee released their report on February 15, 1935 (H. Rept. 153, 74th Cong., 1st sess., Serial 9890). I couldn't locate the file online.

However, here is a pdf of a November 24, 1934 public statement report published by the Committee.

Next came the Special Investigation Committee (1938–1944), aka The Dies Committee. The Committee's work mostly targeted German American involvement in Nazi and Ku Klux Klan activity.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) became a standing (permanent) committee in 1945.

When the House abolished the Committee in 1975, its functions were transferred to the House Judiciary Committee. Read the wiki here for a brief history of HUAC.

As I stated in the earlier parts of this Un-Official true U.S. History, Calvin Coolidge discovered some sort of Druid group from the Stonehenge area tied to the events that precipitated World War I, Druid ties to the scandals surrounding Harding's Presidency and his death, Druid ties to a group called The Illuminati, and long range takeover plans. Reports indicated ties to the Communist takeover of Russia also, and Communist spies in the United States.

In fact, there are spy cases involving the Communists dating back to the 1920's, and the truth of what I am saying is also supported by this wiki article: History of Soviet and Russian espionage in the United States.

There also was the threat of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, World War II. Aside from mention of the above House Committees, I'm skipping over that for now, focused on Communists. Nazi connections come into play eventually and I'll get to that.

Here is one of the best summaries of the Cold War:
Chapter 5 The Secret War in America
from NATO’s Secret Armies- Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.

That pdf excerpt discusses formerly top secret matters (and some that the global Secret Government still wants to remain secret) here is a 10 page excerpt (plus 2 pages of footnote citations) from a book by Dr Daniele Ganser is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the ETH in Zurich.


U.S. Anti-Communism 1947-1959

One example of US attitude and policy towards Communism was the Truman Doctrine in 1947.

On March 12, 1947, President Harry S. Truman declared it to be the foreign policy of the United States to assist any country whose stability was threatened by Communism. $400 million went to assist Greece and Turkey. The Truman Doctrine was followed by the Marshall Plan later that year. Full text of Truman's speech to congress is here.

The Truman Doctrine 1947

The full 19 minute speech is here in 2 parts:   part 1  part2

The Marshall Plan 1947
(Secretary Marshall gives justification for U.S. paying for the rebuilding of Europe)

An important note in the true history of the long range takeover of America is the life and death of an American hero, General George S. Patton.

General Patton was a real American, and he tried to warn us of the Soviet threat and wanted to stop it too. Patton was a huge threat to the Communist plans.

General Patton raised much controversy at the close of World War II because of his outspoken belief that We The People couldn't trust the Russians, and that we should have fought the Communists right away at the close of World War II as long as we were there already and he knew we were going to have more trouble with them.

History already showed that the Communists started to work on US takeover from the time they formed the Soviet Union.

History should also reflect that General Patton was right, the US should've kicked Commie ass right away while we were still in Europe.

This short article discusses the truth of Patton's death, a must read:

The newly unearthed diaries of a colourful assassin for the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, reveal that American spy chiefs wanted Patton dead because he was threatening to expose allied collusion with the Russians that cost American lives.
   The death of General Patton in December 1945, is one of the enduring mysteries of the war era. Although he had suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Manheim, he was thought to be recovering and was on the verge of flying home.

Patton knew the Communists were a long threat, and he fought the Communist takeover until he died, or was killed.

Most Politicians aren't Soldiers, and most Soldiers aren't Politicians. When it comes to war, there is no room for political considerations when defending our country.

Here's a great short historical piece on Patton's 1945 death
narrated by Ronald Reagan:

There was a movie made about Patton, title role played by George C. Scott. Pretty good historical piece considering Hollywood propensity to make changes for theatrical reasons.

This next video clip is from a 1970 movie about General Patton, but it's based on history and here to emphasize a point.

Patton Wanted to Kick Commie Ass Immediately:

German Anti-Communist propaganda The Soviet Spider

Very Insightful clip from the Movie "Patton":

This is a modern voice over of the opening of the Patton movie
Must See: Patton Speech Revisited: Iraq & Modern World

FYI, the original movie clip of that speech is here.

As a note: to be discussed at length later is the rewriting of US history by Texas politicians, which will affect much of the US for the next 10 years. Patton was slated to be dropped from US history books. See this You Tube.

Some Communist spying history in the 1940's and 1950's is here in this excellent article, The Historiography of Soviet Espionage and American Communism, from the European Social Science History Conference March 2006 in Amsterdam.

This is Col. Nikolai Zabotin, a Communist agent who masterminded theft of some US nuclear secrets.

Click his picture to go to an excellent report by Canadian Commisioners detailing the vast Communist networks in Canada that already existed, seperate from Zabotin's Red Army Intelligence Unit, and which Zabotin was able to tap.

Here's a pdf from another site with more information on Zabotin's appartus and involvement in the theft of our nuclear secrets.

Here's the wiki on Atomic Spies.


Here's a good page on the Soviet Union's first atomic bomb test, discusses how the Russians covered up that they had citizens living in the testing zones and covered up the suffering inflicted on those poor civilians who were exposed to almost 1/4 of all nuclear tests ever done in the world.

Video of the 1949 Tsar Bomb:

Human experimentation and infliction of misery is what Communism brings.

I want to point out here that I previously stated on this Liechtenstein Crown page that a 1947 US Army investigation into Italian Communists ended after only 2 years with a determination that there was no substance to the allegations of Communists inside Italian government and military, and the matter was dropped.
I also stated that Communist infiltrators already inside our country's military steered that investigation away from the Italian Communists. I've provided some background on this page establishing Communist threats back into the 1920's, in addition to my own testimony based on the Coolidge reports.  See footnote 1.

The Rosenbergs: Spies Who Got Executed

Convicted of espionage in 1951 for their part in running a spy ring that provided US military nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed June 19, 1953.

Soviet possession of nuclear weapons is another key to the long range takeover, the assassination of JFK & the coverup, and the secret sell out of America by Traitors and Cowards.

Good historical article on the Rosenberg case here, and a nice short chronology of the Rosenbergs here.

A note on the chronology page, in 1947 Rosenberg had a machine shop business which failed. The Hungarian (later known as The Bulgarian) was expelled July 1961 for seeking industrial secrets improperly, and involved in the Communist industrial spy ring that is still operating in Chicago, Il today. See this page here  for significance.


Project VENONA Discovers The Rosenberg Espionage:

Rosenberg Espionage Executions:

Hollywood and Media: A Top Priority in the Communist Takeover

Ronald Reagan fought Communism most of his life and was dedicated to fighting Communism in America and stopping the long range takeover of America.

Reagan fought Communism several ways in Hollywood, where Communist infiltration towards control of the industry was a battle from the 1930's throughout the 1950s - and beyond.

Reagan was not the only person fighting the long range takeover, that should be clear.

In Part 1, I stated that Teddy Roosevelt had made at least one report on a long range plot which was cited by the first Coolidge report I read, and that JFK had been given the Roosevelt reports, which were then subsequently lost in the aftermath of JFK's assassination, while the independent Coolidge files survived.

Great historical background on the Communist infiltration of Hollywood is here: 'REAGAN'S WAR': His 1-man fight against Hollywood Communists.

The studio strike Sorrell organized in 1946 was no ordinary labor action. It was ostensibly called because of worker concerns, but Sorrell saw it as an opportunity to gain control over all the major unions in Hollywood. As he bragged in the early days of the action, "When it ends up, there'll be only one man running labor in Hollywood, and that man will be me!"
The stakes were high. If Sorrell succeeded, the Communists believed, they could run Hollywood. As the party newspaper the People's Daily World put it candidly, "Hollywood is often called the land of Make-Believe, but there is nothing make-believe about the Battle of Hollywood being waged today. In the front lines of this battle, at the studio gates, stand the thousands of locked-out film workers; behind the studio gates sit the overlords of Hollywood, [who] refuse even to negotiate with the workers. ... The prize will be the complete control of the greatest medium of communication in history." To underscore the value of this victory, the paper quoted Lenin: "Of all the arts, the cinema is the most important."

The Communist Party had been active in Hollywood since 1935, when a secret directive was issued by CPUSA (Communist Party of the U.S.A.) headquarters in New York calling for the infiltration of Hollywood's labor unions. The party believed that by doing so they could influence the type of pictures being produced. The directive also instructed party members to take leadership positions in the so-called intellectual groups in Hollywood, which were composed of directors, writers and performers.

excerpt concerning Reagan's actions in that fight against communism:

Reagan had his first taste of this a few months before the strike, when he was serving on the executive committee of the Hollywood Independent Citizens Committee of Arts, Sciences and Professions (HICCASP), which he had joined in 1944. The group boasted a membership roll including Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles and Katharine Hepburn. It was what they called a "brainy group," too, with Albert Einstein and Max Weber lending their name to the organization. It was the usual liberal/left Hollywood cultural group, concerned about atomic weapons, the resurgence of fascism and the burgeoning Cold War. But some were concerned by what they saw as its regular and consistent support for the Soviet position on international issues. ...
...  Blaney Matthews, the giant-sized head of security at Warner Brothers, had seen this sort of violent strike before. He advised Reagan and other stars to use the storm drain to get onto the lot safely. Reagan flat-out refused. If he was going to cross the picket line, he was going to cross the picket line, he told Matthews.
Matthews then arranged for buses to shuttle Reagan and a few others through the human gauntlet outside the studio gate. But he offered a bit of advice: Lie down on the floor, or you might get hit by a flying Coke bottle or rock.
Again, Reagan refused. Over the next several days, as he went to the studio lot to attend preproduction meetings, a bus would pass through the human throng of violent picketers, with a solitary figure seated upright inside.

Fighting the Communist threat to the United States was a large part of American life in the 1950s, affecting all aspects of our society.

Developing American Citizenship Responsibilites (1950s):

There are many videos on Tube similar to the one above, I like that one a lot.

Senator Joe McCarthy - Anti-Communist

McCarthy on Commiecrats:

Senator Joeseph McCarthy: Traitors Aren't Gentlemen

Eventually McCarthy ended up sort of disgraced and died May 2, 1957.

In February 1950, McCarthy claimed that he had a list of members of a Communist spy ring who were employed in the State Department. McCarthy was never able to prove his charges.

McCarthy later made additional accusations of Communist infiltration into the State Department, the administration of President Truman, Voice of America, and the United States Army.

First there were the Army-McCarthy Hearings, then the already mentioned House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Another matter from the House Un-American Committee was The Hollywood Ten, investigation of Communists in Hollywood.

Introducing A Key Player In The Long Range Takeover Of America: Richard M. Nixon

Nixon figures prominently in the takeover

House Un-American Committee members (1948)
At the far right is Richard M. Nixon.

Richard M. Nixon (1948)

After only 1-1/2 years in the Senate, Dwight D. Eisenhower tapped Nixon to be his vice-presidential running mate in the 1952 presidential election.

The short clip below covers that issue, then shows Nixon on his platform of fervent anti-communism, and from the clip you would believe he was a real American fighting Communism with all his heart.

Nixon speaks political rhetoric about the corruption in Truman's administration, and how the people are tired of corruption and coverups and how he would end corruption.

After you read the other parts of this series on the True US History, you'll know why those old statements of Nixon's are laughable today.

Then the scandal of Nixon's special fund from the Super Rich surfaces.

The clip ends at that point. There are videos out on YouTube if interested in seeing more of Nixon's early years.

History that follows that video is that Nixon ends up as Vice President riding the coat-tails of Eisenhower, and is re-elected with Eisenhower in 1956.

As Vice-President, Nixon gained top level NSC clearance and authorization. Nixon was instrumental in the building of the Secret Government.


In the 1970's many crimes were committed by Nixon, for which he was unforgiveably pardoned by another traitor immediately upon his resignation as President, and before investigation of everything Nixon had done could begin. That was another deep blow to the morale of Americans.

Nixon then runs against John F. Kennedy (our hero) in the 1960 Presidential election. Nixon loses the election, which is covered in Part 4 of this series, JFK's assassination and coverup.

Also, Earl Warren is mentioned in the video during coverage of the vice presidential fight. Warren was Governor of California for a record third time in 1952. A noteworthy American, appointed to the Supreme Court by Eisenhower in 1953, Warren eventually played key roles in the path of American law and justice.

left to right: Nixon, Eisenhower, Gov. Warren

Warren played an even bigger role in the Warren Commission, a key to the takeover, which will be covered in the next part of this series on True US History.

Notice that many of the most influential people come from California, it's like a tradition... or a headquarters.

Here's an important point to keep in mind for the next parts of history:

   Recall the National Security Act of 1947, and know that the Vice President has great power and control of all US intelligence agencies thru the Act.

Presidents come and go, but the people with the real power stay. I've said that before and I'm sure I'll say it again.

Many of those who control the Secret Government do not relinquish their security authorizations when they leave the office that provided that highest level of security and authority, which should not be.

That has been a key to how the Secret Government has been able to suceed, their leadership doesn't change or have elections every 4 years, so they maintain control over everything they have running and can continue their plots without interruptions.

I'll explain more in the next parts of this True U.S. History series, and history eventually unmasks Nixon for what he really was.

Nixon Rises 1952:

The Eisenhower years were filled with fear of Communism and the Soviets. During Eisenhower's time The Domino Theory was created, which was then relied on by administrations from 1954 to the 1980's.

The Domino Theory (Short Synopsis):

Here's a lite history of Eisenhower focused on post 1954.

Increased Communist Infiltration

During Eisenhower's Presidency, from 1952 to 1960, there was increased Communist infiltration of all aspects of our society, especially the government and military.

Nixon's 1952 vice presidential campaign promises to clean up government were bunk, the situations only got worse, except the national public didn't know it, coverups were beginning whenever possible in localized areas only.

Only Eisenhower's great popularity kept Nixon in office, and Nixon did a lot of secret sneaky things under the guise of national security, which by now have doubtless been covered up without a trace to ever be found.

According to The Bulgarian, Eisenhower had several Communist puppets giving him bad counsel thruought his Presidency.

During Eisenhower's terms, a top level traitor began setting up major components of the Secret Government, which was not discovered until Kennedy's assassination, and then, the identity of the traitor was unknown. That's another key, and discussed in another part of this True US History series.

Part 4 starts with the 1960 election and moves quickly to the JFK assassination and coverup, the core of the demoralization of America and a source of our current situation. Reagan told me he had wanted to uncover the JFK assassination truth to restore We The People's faith in our government and began work on that immediately when he assumed office, but he met with nothing but disasters as his teams started to gather the hard evidence on specific people, see more here.

Regarding Nazis for a moment:

This last video is the pride and joy of my 1950's US Anti-Communism materials, genuine US Army film. It took me several attempts to convert it to a workable format.

This is a great military propoganda film, and a quite true historical comparison of similarities between Nazi Germany and Soviet Communism. Narration is fantastic.

Nazis come into play in again another part of this True US History series.

U.S. Army 1950s Anti-Communist "The Big Lie"

FYI, MKULTRA was conducted initially by about 9,000 Nazi scientists secretly brought to the US. That's covered here.

Go To Part 4


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footnote1 re: 1947 failed Army Italian Communists investigation. The Italian Communists were asked for the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein from the Italian branch of an international devil worship cult, and in gratitude and furtherance of Druid Communist plots, the Liechtenstein Crown came to America and eventually ended up in the hands of KGB infiltrator Miller. Miller is an associate of Traitor NSA Micheal Aquino, who enabled long range devil worship takeover of the US under the guise of national security. That link goes to a YouTube, and the citing page of mine is here in the Liechtenstein Crown web. Since Aquino used his national security clearance in July 1981 to thwart his removal and allow support which enabled him to be exonerated by bullshit, I think today there can be no doubt that Aquino did not conduct a legitimate counter intelligence operation. I was to disclose Aquino as a priority, separate from the Lists of Traitors & Cowards on this blog page.  I got my orders in December 1981, and details here and more here. The Order regarding Aquino's disposition was already signed by the proper signatories, and should be in the counter intelligence plan files.