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The Dark Shadows Mind War of NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino

NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino is the subject of many activist videos and web pages, including some of my own pages.

I have pages about Aquino because he's connected to some of the matters I'm trying to expose, including Mind Control, and an NSA Devil Worshiper known as The Witch, aka The Snake Lady.

The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein was being used to decorate The Witch's Satanic altar, I personally saw it in 1982, but every effort to recover it has been thwarted thanks to plenty of traitors each time.

Over the past 22 months, I made a friend who appears who is a victim of Organized Stalking and who had an unfriendly history with Michael Aquino. So with my own case there does appear to be a current connection between Aquino and ongoing targeting of citizens with Organized Stalking.

That means Aquino must still have access to NSA at command level authority, and more than likely still retains his top level security clearance as well. Aquino needs to be questioned about his many contacts and activities, and who took over the controls at the NSA for the new (current) generation of Satanic infiltrators.

The Kill Or Be Killed Anti-PsyOp Theory mentioned in the page header is my idea, a "discussion paper" I'm currently writing. It's a response of sorts to Aquino's so called discussion paper on subliminally mind controlling the U.S. and world population, From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory . Aquino co-authored the Mind War paper with Col. Paul E. Vallely in 1980.

Aquino's Mind War paper was inspired by a December 1980 Military Review article by Lt. Col. John Alexander, The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock.  See Jeffrey Steinberg's article, MindWar: How Military PsyOps Plan to Control your Mind

There are Aquino and NSA Devil Worshiper related pages and videos in my navigation menu. I put a few links at the end of the post. I have a popular Aquino expose video embeded further down the page.

Aquino bullseye small   NSA EVil Mind Control Gremlins No Its Micowave Hearing   last known latitude and longitude of Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

This is yet another page about NSA Michael Aquino, but with a slightly different approach.

Activists are putting up facts and research materials about NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino, in order to get people to take an interest in these NSA Devil Worshipers so something can be done about them. It's a slow process is an understatement. There are obstacles in the path of righteousness, there are ongoing efforts to cover up or minimize Aquino's Satanic activities while he was at the controls of the National Security Agency. And of course the NSA doesn't want you to know that today there are more of these Satanic infiltrators than ever before.

Regarding efforts to cover up or minimize NSA Michael Aquino's Satanic activities while at the controls of the National Security Agency, a good example is the Wiki article on Aquino that was deleted because Aquino wanted it gone.

   On, I saw the following quote from a Wikipedia talk session decision to delete the wiki on Michael Aquino.

From Michael Aquino's Wiki Page Deleted:

"... If Michael Aquino were more notable than this, I'd think there was a case for keeping it--but his notability really is relatively minor and courtesy is important. I note that Michael Aquino is a wikipedia contributor."

So it looks like Aquino needs more exposure.

NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino sitting at his throne:

NSA Devil Worshiper Michael aquino sitting on his throne

There is a documentary video clip about NSA Aquino towards the end of this page, a few clips I put together that were broadcast on TV news report exposes. It's a fairly popular video on YouTube. It also discusses the sexual crimes against children that Aquino has been accused of in the past. That video tells you some important things you should know about NSA Michael Aquino, including the part about these Satanic infiltrators being inside the NSA, and abroad in the country, working long range takeover plans that span several generations.

Despite all the fine work by many activists, the matters of these Satanic infiltrators is still mostly unknown to the general public. I'm hoping some art work today will help spur some interest.

There is some serious information on this page too, it's not all photochops and grins. There are some interesting and disturbing similarities between the NSA Devil Worshipers and the plots of the 1960's TV show Dark Shadows, as well as Aquino's speculated reasoning for emulating the following TV characters:


   That's right, there's NSA Michael Aquino above, the mastermind author of the infamous Mind War paper, the military blueprint for the Brainwave Frequency Following Response Microwave Mind Control designed to control entire populations subliminally. Including our own population here in the United States!

Mind War Paper Aquino NSA Mind Control   MindWar Paper Aquino NSA logo

   Aquino's work also spawned other Electromagnetic Behavior Modification Human Experiments, and Organized Stalking crimes today that use Directed Energy Weapons or Microwave Hearing Technology. All in the name of Satan.

Some of those techniques are also frequently referred to as MKULTRA or COINTELPRO by many internet activists.

   So WTF is Michael Aquino supposed to be, a cross between Eddie Munster and Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows?

NSA Aquino Eddie Munster

The Munsters was a 1960's TV series which was produced for only 2 seaons, but whose re-runs ran on network and independent TV stations around the United States for at least 15 years straight.

Even today The Munsters can be found on some channels.

I'm surprised that Aquino didn't also bear a resemblance to one of the Addams family, seeing as Aquino seemed to be emulating his role models for his public image.

That's actually an unpleasant thought because in the 1960's, Aquino was already an adult, serving high in the National Security Agency's Intelligence apparatus. Those are some mighty odd role models for a grown man in the 1960s.

It's more like Aquino was trying to tap the TV personalities for his warped look, so he would appeal to more Americans and hopefully suck more citizens into his evil schemes.

A warped look for a warped mind, it suits him well.

NSA Aquino Barnabas Collins

Dark Shadows was the first of it's kind in a daytime TV soap opera, it ran from 1966 to 1971.

Barnabas Collins, a vampire, was a star character of the groundbreaking TV Series. You see a modernized graphic above of Barnabas in one of his most famous poses, with his heirloom ring.

Barnabas was actually a hero of the show, and a victim of a witch's curse. Perhaps that's why Aquino didn't draw more from the character, and instead relied more upon Eddie Munster for his so called public image. The Munsters didn't really have a "hero" per se.

Although Aquino didn't use a lot of Dark Shadows to form his public image, it does appear that Aquino's NSA Devil Worshipers drew heavily from the plots of Dark Shadows. I'll get into that a little further down the post.

Pretty much every kid in my neighborhood watched Dark Shadows, and we used to play out Dark Shadows every day after it was on TV that day. That and we played Vietnam every day. The older kids in the neighborhood ran it. When I was kid, I even had the album of the TV show's music.

An Important Point About American TV in the 1960's

In the 1960's, there were only a few TV stations to choose from. Most Americans watched the same top TV shows. The entire U.S. population had 3 basic choices: CBS, NBC, or ABC. Independent channels just couldn't compete with the national network giants, and the government had it's fingers into what we were given to watch. Hit shows on the networks typically got the vast majority of the nationwide TV viewers, usually resulting in the demise of the shows on the other two major networks in the same time slots.

The Munsters and Dark Shadows are perfect examples of how when the audience was captured, they were really captured en masse. These shows were huge sucesses, most of America watched these shows for years. Although it may sound odd to call these formative TV shows, that's exactly what they were, formative.

Those shows helped shape America into what it is today.

That's not a good thing.

Aquino built his public image by drawing off of these shows because there was a huge crowd watching them and he hoped to suck as many people as possible into his evil cult. That much seems obvious. I'm also only noting that Aquino's eyebrows bear a slight resemblence to Spock's eyebrows. Star Trek was another of the super hit shows from the 1960's, a show that almost every American household watched. Mr. Spock was one of the top stars of the original Star Trek TV series.

Correlations between real life NSA Devil Worshipers and TV Series Dark Shadows

First of all both got started beginning in the 1960's. That's one thing they have in common.

In addition to all the cool vampires, werewolfs, ghosts, witchs, curses and other supernatural matters on the TV series Dark Shadows, there was also an ancient cult known as The Leviathans, who plagued the people of Dark Shadows' Collinwood. The Leviathans weren't exactly Satanic, they were actually something worse. Similar to the masterminds of the real life New World Order threats that we're facing today. The Leviathans were spirits in flesh forms, who had existed and ruled before life as we know it began. The Leviathans were made of essence, they were intelligent energy life forms. After the rise of man, some of the Leviathans refused to take living forms and went underground, becoming the origin of demons and evil.

Dark Shadows: The Leviathans

Here's another interesting similarity between the real life NSA Devil Worshipers and the TV Show Dark Shadows.

   The Devil Worshipers in the TV Series Dark Shadows, and the real life NSA Devil Worshipers led by Michael Aquino, both wanted to make people hear voices in their heads.

Making people hear voices was done many times by the witches and other supernatural beings that haunted Collinwood in the 1960's Dark Shadows TV show.

The real life NSA Devil Worshipers led by Aquino planned to make people hear voices by using already existing Frey Microwave Hearing technology, and they planned on developing improved Microwave Mind Control technologies and methods. The NSA Devil Worshipers experimented on targeted segments of the country.

   Making people hear voices was a key element for Aquino's master plans for microwave mind control that were revealed in his infamous Mind War paper, and making people hear voices using Microwave Hearing weapons is a key feature of Organized Stalking.

The technology to broadcast speech to an individual via microwave transmission has existed since 1961, aka Frey Microwave Hearing. There is no implant needed to receive and interpret those microwave signals, they are broadcast over open air. Microwave Hearing is also known as the Microwave Auditory Effect. The signal bounces off your bones and transmits itself to an area of your brain that decodes the signals you "heard". So you're not hearing sound as we know it to occur naturally. It's not a theory, it works, and the government has had the technology since the early 1960's. There was an early device known as The Neurophone that transmitted sound by microwave via the person's bones, a small contact had to be placed anywhere on the person's skin. See this excellent article, The Neurophone, at

Neuralyzer from Men In Black MoviesThese Microwave Hearing devices are not imaginary devices like the brain "Neuralyzer" from the Men In Black movies.

The Microwave Hearing and Subliminal Microwave Brain Wave Frequency Following Response Weapons are real working devices, and these practically untraceable weapons are being used in the Organized Stalking of Targeted Individuals today.

See Videos On Mind Control Weapons Technology, and 23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003).

The other mind control technologies that Aquino's master plan required were in fact developed. During Clinton's Administration, there was a huge spike in the patents issued for Microwave Brainwave Frequency Following Response Mind Control and other Subliminal Mind Control. The NSA Devil worshipers also planned to develop weaponry that can make people see things that aren't there, and holograms. That was accomplished with Project Blue Beam.

   There are some more notable similarities between Dark Shadows and NSA Michael Aquino's activities, such as Victimization of Children by Devil Worshipers.

Facts about the alleged child molestation and other sexual assualts are covered in the Aquino video further down the post. It is also alleged that Aquino used his military clout and mind control units to avoid criminal convictions.

Satanic Ritual Performed on unconscious Child

Leviathan Altar

Leviathan Box

   There is also an alleged connection between Aquino's NSA Devil Worshipers and the Franklin Conspiracy.

The Franklin Conspiracy was a blackmail plot against Republican Congressmen which happened in Nebraska in the early 1980's. Satanic rituals were performed in the Franklin Conspiracy. The Franklin Conspiracy used mind control and behavior modification techniques on children to create the sex slaves used in those blackmail operations. The people who ran the Franklin Conspiracy had branch "recruiting" operations in targeted areas across the country. They weren't taking willing recruits. The Franklin Conspiracy scheme is also related to the case of a Round Lake victim, Johnny X. There's a 2 minute video about The Franklin Conspiracy further down the page.

I'm not saying The Leviathans in the Dark Shadows TV show are real, I'm just saying it is comparable in some aspects as to how things are with the New World Order that threatens us for real today.

   One such similarity between the TV Series Dark Shadows and the real life NSA Devil Worshipers is where one man (character Nicholas Blair) is a fear inspiring demon of some sort who on one hand controls witches, and with his other hand, he controls the ancient group known as The Leviathans.

I keep trying to tell people that we're facing multiple takeover plots being carried out by multiple groups. Groups both inside and outside of our government. One central group pulls all the strings.

   Another similarity to the real life Satanic NWO is that The Leviathans were also fond of using symbolism:

Naga locket

Naga Ring

The Dark Shadows wiki article on the Leviathans is an informative page with links to further reading on the key points of that part of the series timeline. It's a good short synopsis of the Leviathans, with plenty of links to reference material.

Coincidental to the release of this new page, there is a new "remake" of Dark Shadows that is scheduled to open May 11. A revival of sorts appears to be happening today. Perfect timing for the Satanic New World Order. See a recent review of the new movie Dark Shadows here at the Chicago Tribune. Perhaps mentioning the new 2012 movie Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp may help this page's circulation.

   NSA Devil Worshers are in league with other global Satanic New World Order forces using Microwave technology weapons. It's true.

I wish it was bullshit people.

These Satanic infiltrators are also using Microwave Hearing, and other Microwave technology brain wave Frequency Following Response mind control via any broadcast signal that can carry embedded microwave frequencies, and using subliminal and/or audible sound wavelengths when it suits their purposes. That means these Satanic infiltrators can use their military clout to send those mind control signals via TV, radio, cell phone, and any other sort of telecommunications. It's covered in the Aquino video further down this page.

The government has created many microwave weapons. Some can burn people, houses, whatever they want. Others cause disruption of your nervous system. That's not an all inclusive list of what the military has developed. Many of these weapons are available to certain public sectors. Organized Stalking of people has become a business over the past 15 years. People with money can buy someone a lifetime sentence of electronic and other harassment. There are several videos about known patented working model microwave weapons in my websites, and plenty of research material from others on the internet.

Microwave Weapons Used In Directed Energy Weapon Attacks On Individuals & Global Criminal Use Of DEWs

Videos On Mind Control Weapons Technology

23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003)

There is more in my navigation menus. I'm still working on re-creating tag pages for the blog posts after a small army of web attackers crippled my blog earlier this year. See How 5,620 Malicious Links Will Kill Your Website in Search Engines.

   There are several reasons why I'm after Aquino, and at a minimum, one of his cohorts. I'm referring to The NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch, who operated in my home town in Lake County, IL.

See the page about NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch.

I'm not just here to broadcast Aquino's known works. I'm here to expose The Witch, who escaped justice when the Clinton Administration let these evil people go free, and let them continue their long range plans. They have to be stopped.

There is a lot of inter-connected information about these NSA Devil Worshipers and related NWO matters scattered about in my websites.

NSA Devil Worshipers are a nightmare in any language!


NSA Teufelsanbetern

NSA Culto Satanico Monos Volandores y Borg Insectos

I've done several posts about Organized Stalking and tools that the NSA is using to spy on and control us with. I'll explain the Flying Monkeys & Borg Insects in a minute.

These aren't just my own allegations, other activists are trying to expose the nefarious NSA Michael Aquino, and ongoing crimes by the NSA.

   The long range infiltration of our NSA and military by these devil worshipers is real and ongoing. The part about these devil worshipers working long range takeover of America plans spanning several generations is covered in the Aquino video posted further down the page.

   A new generation of these Satanic infiltrators have been in place inside our NSA for 15 years already, set up by Aquino's generation.

Aquino handed over the controls to someone when he retired. That's a primary reason why it's so important to expose Aquino, so that his contacts and current replacements can be apprehended and removed from our government and military.

NSA Mind Control Gremlins or Aquino

NSA's Flying Monkeys: Borg Insects & Micro UAV in Chicago

The two images below are clickable. They go to their respective videos. This is a synopsis of the page link above.

We have NSA Micro UAV's being used to spy on us. That is confirmed fact. We also have, from my own experiences and those reported by other Targeted Individuals, a strong possibility that some Micro UAVs are likely equipped with Microwave Weaponry.

The other video, NSA Borg Insects, is about another wonderful creation from the insane laboratories that serve the NSA and other shadowy government agencies. Robotized insects, implanted with controls while they are in the larvae state. These insects are being used to stalk Targeted Individuals, including those who are targets of NSA Michael Aquino.

NSA Micro UAV & Organized Stalkers

NSA Micro UAV Stalkers

NSA Borg Insects

   Because of my own experiences, both in the past and at present, with trying to expose the NSA Devil Worshipers having the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, and some related matters, I dubbed the NSA Organized Stalkers as "NSA Flying Monkeys"

Hillary Wicked Witch Flying Monkeys

I tried exposing this twice during Clinton's Administration and during that time period the Chicago FBI ignored my walk in reports - twice. This is my third time around trying to expose these matters. I hope that somewhat explains the Flying Monkeys moniker that I am branding certain perps with, especially those from the NSA.

Flying Monkey: "A minion or one that carries out others bidding."  

Hillary Clinton Fuck Liechtenstein poster

NSA and Hillary Sweep It Under The Rug

I have a page here of all the posts I had tagged as NSA Devil Worshipers. I'll add new pages to that list, I've done several videos that haven't made their way to this website yet.

Here's the little video expose on NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino:

Aquino- NSA Devil Worshiper Long Range Takeover & Satellite Microwave Mind Control

These are some of my current pages related to Aquino:

National Security Agency Devil Worshipers: Satanic Infiltrators Working Long Range Takeover & Mind Control

One of Aquino's NSA Devil worshiper buddies operated in my home town of Round Lake, IL. That's where The Witch: NSA Devil Worshiper MKULTRA and The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein enter the picture. Those two are key elements in my websites and Anti-NWO efforts.

Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

The Witch Videos Page

NSA Flying Monkeys: Borg Insects & Micro UAV in Chicago

NSA Devil Worshipers tagged posts

MKULTRA Child Victims Jailed or Killed - Franklin Conspiracy In 2 Minutes

Aquino is alleged to have been involved in the Franklin Conspiracy. That's why I included the video above.

See this page, The Suspects, at, for some details of allegations against Aquino in that kidnapping case, and see this page, The Evidence, for more briefing on the Johnny Gosch kidnapping case, and the apparent coverup that has gone on.

See this pdf about the mysterious plane explosion death of Franklin Conspiracy investigator Gary Caradori, who was killed with his 8 year old son. Cardori wasn't going to allow the cover up, that was common knowledge at the time.

There are many more pages online trying to expose Aquino and his Satanic machinations, just do a web search for his name. Again, there are more Aquino and NSA Devil Worshiper related pages and videos in my navigation menu. These Devil Worshipers are a primary matter in my websites.

Dark Shadows & Munsters Videos

Other activists had previously suggested to me the similarities between Aquino & Eddie Munster. The other day it dawned on me where I saw the ring Aquino was wearing, so I added the Dark Shadows matter and put both concepts to my art. As I mentioned earlier, I'm familiar with Dark Shadows, I grew up with it, just like most of the kids in my neighborhood.

I didn't even know there was a new movie until I Googled Dark Shadows to look for videos.

These are both very old TV shows. For reference, I made a page with some clips from Dark Shadows, and one clip from The Munsters. Dark Shadows Video Clips 1.

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