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Down The Secret Government - Kill The NWO Traitors Blog

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”– Arthur Schopenhauer

   This "blog" provides some information about a variety of New World Order matters, including:

   Mind Control   *   National Security Agency Devil Worshipers   *   Microwave & Ultrasound Mind Control Weapons   *   Directed Energy Weapons   *   Organized Stalking   *   Targeted Individuals   *   MKULTRA   *   Traitors in the U.S. Government   *   Internet Censorship   *   Satanic New World Order   *   Illuminati   *   Communist NWO   *   False Flag Alien Invasion   *   NSA Using Missing Crown of Liechtenstein For Satanic Rituals

Index List of All Posts - Present to July 2010

FYI: How 5,620 Malicious Links Will Kill Your Website in Search Engines

August 2015 (1)

06: The Epitome Of An Organized Stalking Chapter 3: Organized Stalking Patterns That Repeat

July 2015 (3)

22: The Epitome Of An Organized Stalking Chapter 2: Meet Flying Monkey's Round Lake Star Witness Thief, Liar & Assailant Steven M. Amann of Round Lake Beach

13: The Epitome Of An Organized Stalking Chapter 1: The Truth About About Hypocrite, Liar & Organized Stalker Sid Kinne aka Fat Bastard

12: The Epitome Of An Organized Stalking: Introduction

May 2015 (2)

25: Mystery Woman Dressed as Local Police at the Scene of My So Called Car Accident in 1990 (Debunk This Assholes #3)

13: Flying Monkey's Round Lake Star Witness is a Thief, Liar, and Assailant (Debunk This Assholes #2)

April 2015 (3)

30: Debunk This Assholes #1: My Ancient Teutonic Ancestry

30: Debunk This Assholes: Series Introduction

14: NSA Hard Drive Firmware Hack Explains 5 Year Plague of Hard Drive Failures

February 2015 (1)

7: Jobless via Bad Doctor & Unreasonable Employer

January 2015 (1)

5: A Bad Reaction To Rocuronium Brings Suffocation

September 2014 (1)

14: New Home Page/Site Synopsis

March 2014 (1)

2: Some Documentation of Microwave Hearing & Mind Control

February 2014 (1)

10: February 2014 Organized Stalking Status

December 2013 (1)

24: The Greatest Sinner – Christmas Story (by George H. Boehmer)

October 2013 (1)

17: Exposure of NWO Racial Plots Is Not To Help People Line Up Against Each Other

September 2013 (5)


25: Cook County Hispanic Woman Targeted With Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon

16: Pursued by Interstate Stalkers Again 2013

6: Resolved Targeting of My Unemployment Funds

5: Conspiracy Surfaces - Update To Targeting of My Unemployment Funds

August 2013 (3)

31: Assaulted by Evil Landlord's Evil Son

28: Targeting of My Unemployment Funds

26: Targeting Citizens With Directed Energy Weapons

July 2013 (3)

23: Health Insurance & Finances Targeted by NSA

22: XBox One Kinect Backdoor For NSA Spying

19: The Seraphim

May 2013 (1)

26: Statement of Truth re My Latest Disclosures & A Message to the Satanic NWO Traitors

April 2013 (4)

24: Key Missing Crown of Liechtenstein Secret Disclosed

21: Waukegan Night Sinners MC Leader & 2 More Die in House Explosion

21: Dead Mexican & American Girlfriend Were Stalked by Satanic Cult in Chicagoland

21: White Noise Ineffective Against Silent Sound in Ongoing Stalking

March 2013 (3)

20: Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide

14: NSA Search Engine Tampering To Hide Aquino's Mind War Paper

13: Analysis of 1995 Sicilian Phone Tampering & Poisoning re Liechtenstein Stolen Crown

February 2013 (1)

16: The MKULTRA Trigger: Psychological Assault By A Cop At My Back Door Nov. 10-14, 2009

January 2013 (3)

13: The Vehmic Courts, aka The Punishment Tribunals of Medieval Germany - A System That Worked

13: My Teutonic Ancestry Redux

12: Ethnic Biological Weapons: November 1970 Military Review

October 2012 (2)

16: Organized Stalking of Me #2

03: Anti-Communist Doesn't Mean Anti-Russian People

September 2012 (1)

16: Nobody Likes A Rat

August 2012 (2)

18: Johnny X: Suspected Teenage Round Lake MKULTRA Victim of The Witch

04: The Paddock Lake Suspected Victim of The Snake Lady (aka The Witch)

July 2012 (2)

30: Was The Antioch Teenager Suicide Wave Actually Mind Control Experiments Conducted By The Snake Lady (aka The Witch): Facts & Theory

16: 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Crown

April 2012 (2)

13: Satan In The U.S. Military Want 100% Proof?? Watch This Series

09:Dark Shadows Video Clips 1

March 2012 (5)

29: The Dark Shadows Mind War of NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino

23: Post Tags & Categories

22: Organized Stalking & Targeted Individuals Tagged Posts

14: My Computer's Security Breached

02: Tracking Orion & Sirius In Ancient Civilizations #1

February 2012 (12)

29: How 5,620 Malicious Links Will Kill Your Website in Search Engines

24: Charlie Gaspers The NWO Agent & Her Aliens in Wisconsin

21: NSA's Flying Monkeys: Borg Insects & Micro UAVs in Chicago

21: Organized Stalking #3 Ultrasound & Electric Outlets

21: NSA Desperate To Stop Me

18: I'm Not Making These Things Up

17: Assaulted To Prevent Buying Microwave Detection Equipment

17: Crimes The Witch Committed Against My Family

16: Chicagoans Here's the FEMA Camp You Will Die At

16: Added New RSS Feed To Entire Site

13: Street Gangs vs. NWO Philosophy Part 1

12: How To Locate NSA Hackers In Your Server Logs

January 2012 (1)

13: Hackers Damage Website, Links Skewed, Vulnerabilities Used & Perp IP’s

November 2011 (8)

28: Chicago Spanish Cobras: Confirm Police Stalking Of Me 1996-98 & Kill Some NWO

26: Suspected Microwave Hearing Attacks Against A Former Maniac Latin Disciples Chief Who “Heard” Satan & Killed 3 of His Own Boys

15: The Slow-Kill Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

15: Neighborhood Involvement in Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment

08: Cosa Nostra vs NSA Devil Worshipers & Communists

02: About Round Lake MKULTRA Survivors of the Witch’s Network

02: Street Gangs Terrorize The Terrorists: Stalker Busters Plan

02: More Tampering With My Websites

October 2011 (7)

30: Rub The Traitors Noses In This Attempted Murder Coverup

29: Decades Long NWO Corruption Of The Medical Profession In Illinois

23: My Current Position On Recent Events

16: MKULTRA Arcturus paging DIA & INSCOM re Boötes & Orion

14: More Attacks On This Blog, More Anti-NSA, Jesse Jackson Jr. & General Shelton

09: Known NSA Spam Servers In China & Others Attack This Blog & Perp NSA IP’s Listed Here

06: I lived 1.66 Miles From The Witch’s Rock Lake House & The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

September 2011 (21)

30: Why I Am A Targeted Individual Pt 2: Targeted Round Lake Students & More

27: Why I Am A Targeted Individual Pt 1: Ancestry

26: Ultrasound Hearing Device With Pinpoint Accuracy & Video

26: My Sister, Teutonic Victim Attacked When Still A Fetus

26: My Dead Teutonic Uncle, Another Mind Control Victim Of The Witch & Psycho Assassin Experiment

26: Mind Control Victim Shows X-Ray Of Brain Implant

24: The Prospect Of Being Framed

23: Middle East Geoglyphs Herald New World Order

22: Placidus Of Rome Analogy

21: Organized Stalking & A Targeted Individual’s Career: Intro

21: I Walk A Path Set by God

19: God & The Plurality of Worlds

19: Italian Witchcraft, Witchcraft & Druid Historical PDF Archive

18: Elephant & God vs. Donkey & Satan in Liechtenstein Crown Matter

18: The Bible & Prophets Who Kill

16: 23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003)

14: The Importance Of Recovering Liechtenstein’s Missing Crown In America

14: Congressman Joe Walsh: A Real Representative Of The People – Will He Go Anti-NWO For Us?

13: Under Military Scrutiny

07: Conditioning Of Americans Over Several Generations & DIA’s General James R. Clapper, Jr

05: My Short Lived Journalist Career Revisited

August 2011 (5)

22: Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast US Patent 4877027 Brunkan

20: Mind Control – Induced States of Consciousness U.S. Patent 5356368 Monroe & MKULTRA

14: UK Youth Explode Into Senseless Riots; Philadelphia Imposes Curfew After Youth Violence: Satanic NWO in 2011

09: Quakertown Officials Cry Terrorism In Activist Nick Scott Case

08: Chicago Street Gangs & Chicago Police Relations For Anti-NWO plus Late 1990s Satanic Rise & Wildcards

July 2011 (8)

31: H.R. 1981: U.S. Congress Threatens Freedom Again With Another Attempted Internet Takeover

29: This Is Why I Don’t Drive

27: Sistema De Lucifer Globalitario

24: The Durango-Jalisco Mafia Named Me After Pancho Villa

22: Eavesdropping & Wild Fishing Not Fruitful As Hoped

11: A Quick Message To The Chicago Police & Chicagoans

08: Almost Run Over By A Cop Today

04: The Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon- “Silent Sound” Via UltraSound Instead of Microwave

June 2011 (8)

28: I Got Another Job

24: Activist Nick Scott Jailed For Protecting Children

22: The Sacred Tongue

17: Death Likely Approaches & Rich Man Gloats

16: Solution to Yahoo Mail Login Problems

03: Bin Laden Is Dead – Don’t Forget About Gaddafi

03: Terrorist Training: NWO Cuba & Castro, Libya & Gaddafi, Angola & More

03: Karl Marx: Father of Modern Genocide (NWO)

May 2011 (5)

29: Communists vs. Illuminati NWO Game Of Death: To Play Or Not To Play

27: Fired From Work For No Reason: Happy Memorial Day To Me From A Rich Man

23: aReaganDesignee: Why That Name & WTF I Am

23: Silent Sound Mind Control Explained

09: Clinton Is Like A Fart – Says Bob Barr

April 2011 (5)

26: Clinton’s MKULTRA Apology vs Debunk: It Is About MKULTRA

11: U.S. vs Ecuador In Tit For Tat Contest

10: Liechtenstein’s Missing Crown In Perspective

04: Quick History: Me vs 11 Vikings

03: Some NWO Food For Thought

March 2011 (4)

27: Mafias, Manufacturing, and More

21: When & How Will My New Employer Learn Of These Pages?

20: I’m A 99er Going Back To Work Tomorrow

04: The Vibrating Room Resolved

February 2011 (10)

20: Attempted Murder Twice In One Night

19: The Vibrating Room

18: Why Was I Allowed To Get This Far?

18: New World Order Threats #1

16: Mexican Military Confirms UFOs Exist: Want US Disclosure Already

16: GOD: The Greatest General & Punisher – To Be Feared

14: Liechtenstein Royal Family: Illuminati?

14: NWO: Traitor Clinton & The Interdependent World

14: US NWO Declaration of Interdependence 1976

14: NSA Thought Control Project CASL

January 2011 (20)

30: About Truth Here: Some Key Issues

28: Bible Prophesies: I Just Got Luke 9:49 For Guidance

28: About Following Biblical Prophesies

28: About President Reagan and My MKULTRA Connection

28: The Biblical Witch Of Endor & Illuminati Lesson For Today

23: Footprints #1: 200+ Miles On Foot – Oct. ’95

23: Some Prior Ghost Hunting

23: More On The Witch & A Message To The Govt’

22: The Witch: Cherokee Ancestry? Worse NWO Connection? & More

19: Facts & Theory On Giffords & Judge Roll AZ Shooting

19: Comcast-NBC Merge – Net Neutrality strikes quickly

17: A Reply From The Witch’s Offspring

17: The Witch: MKULTRA Victims – Antioch Teen Suicide Wave & Round Lake Johnny X

17: Obama 2011 Assault On Net Freedom

13: William Cooper: Hero Murdered By The Secret Govt’

12: Statement About The Traitors & Crooks

11: Jesse Jackson Jr. Receives A Gift

10: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Serves Up Bullshit To The Unemployed: Resumes 2011

07: Recent Obstacles & Oddities – Near Explosion, Rats, Hard Drive Failure

07: Internet Censorship Is Arriving: FCC Net Neutrality

December 2010 (17)

23: Calling The 99ers – Here Is A Plan: Fight or Die

22: Freedom Fighters: The Politicians Should Fear The People

21: North Vietnamese Bad Bot IP Range

18: Notice: Blog Security Changes

16: How To Make Treason Charges From Violation Of Oath & More

15: 2010 US Revolution – Save America Now Plan

13: US Govt Devil Worshipers, Liechtenstein Crown, Austria & Rubella Outbreaks

11: Save America Now Plan – Nominee for Treason Court Judge: Pastor Manning

11: Save America Now Plan – Treason Removal Law

10: The Prices of Freedom and Treason

08: Ways To Make The Save America Plan Happen

07: Save America Now Plan A – Removal Overview

06: Save America Now – Plan A, The Peaceful But Ready To Fight Solution

05: MKULTRA – The God Helmet

04: Truth About Unemployment Extensions: Schemes Perpetrated & Invite To Martial Law With FEMA Coffins

01: The Obama Files

01: New Zeal Blog & KeyWiki: Resources To Identify US Communists & Fight The Takeover

November 2010 (23)

30: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

28: Evidence Of Communist Long Range Takeover of America

27: Organized Stalking Techniques – What The Govt’ Is Doing To Us

25: Nazca Spider Mystery & The Long Range Takeovers – Teotihuacan Spider Woman

25: We Are Spirits Not Animals

21: US Takeover – Shock U Wake Up America Call 1

19: Sen. Wyden Says He’ll Kill SB 3804 Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeit Act

18: Internet Censorship Alert Analysis: SB 3804 Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

17: Brief Statement On Truth Here

15: New World Order: The Satanic Illuminati’s 25 Goals – Wake Up

14: 3 Threats: 3 Reasons To Act Now Against NWO & Communist Takeovers

14: The Georgia Guide Stones – NWO in America

14: Long Range Takeover: The Demoralization of America & 4 Stages to Soviet Subversion: Bezmenov Interview

14: Soviet Mind Control Weapon “The Woodpecker”

14: NSA Devil Worshipers Involved In The Takeovers, MKULTRA & Missing Crown of Liechtenstein

14: Street Gangs In the Original Plan

09: My Confiscated News-Sun Photos of Lake County SWAT 1982

08: Lake County IL Sheriff Mark Curran & Public Safety

06: The Battle Is On & The American Principles Here

03: More About Round Lake IL & Helen Miller The Witch: Ukrainian Settlement & More

03: Art Petacque Archives: Chicago Sun Times 1995

03: Murder of a Chicago Cop’s Wife 1997

October 2010 (26)

31: Vecebot Trojan: Vietnam Govt’ Attacks Anti-Communists

30: Real Americans in Round Lake IL

29: The Takeovers & Ancient Mysteries

28: Spider Deity Worshipers: Helen Miller The Witch

28: Left Winger Jan Schakowsky & The Anti-Communist Counter Intelligence Plan

28: Some Round Lake IL History

26: Brief Statement On Why Now & Not Sooner

26: The Gun in My Car: 1990 Burlington Accident

26: Street Gangs & Myself (anti-NWO prep)

25: Update on Suspicious Neighbor/Organized Stalking

16: ACORN, Soros, Obama: Communist Threat Here On Our Soil

14: Racial Hatred Peaking: Knock It Off or Direct Your Hate To The Appropriate Place

13: Missing Crown of Liechtenstein status 10-12-2010

11: 2 of 2 NWO Illuminati Wake Up Calls Today

10: Communists Replacing Our American Heritage With Cheeseburgers

09: Obama: Servin’ Up Cheeseburgers & Communist Bullshit

08: ACORN & Diverting Traffic From Reagan Videos

07: NRA Incumbent Policy: Is The NRA Blind or What?

06: Suspicious Neighbor: Organized Stalking Continued?

05: Supplemental Update: Lake County Sheriff

05: Oct 5 Update on Govt Contacts re Reagan Plan

04: Reagan Counter Intelligence Plan

04: Restoring The Right of The People To Rule via Reagan

04: Arcturus & The Three Wise Men

04: About Obama

03: Benedict Specter – Definition of Traitor – Arlen Specter Tribute

September 2010 (5)

28: Planned Genocide Against Black People

25: To We The People – Sept. 25, 2010

18: Sept. 18, 2010 Update

15: Activated Facebook Account: For Round Lake IL

03: MKULTRA Background: My Entry Into Reagan Plan 1981

August 2010 (10)

07: Right to the Heart of the Enemy & My 1999 Federal Lawsuit Against Cook County

06: Internet Takeover Developing

05: Who Then Can Stand Before Him?

05: Another for The Sword: Julius Genachowski

04: Eugene Hasenfus: Likely Mind Control Victim

03: Traitor Nancy Pelosi Meets The Sword of Truth

03: A Word On Racial Issues and This Plan

03: One of Two for The Sword Today: Rep. Marcia Fudge

03: Who Gets The Next Sword From Reagan?

03: The Swords: Just Following My Orders

July 2010 (7)

31: Obama: An Olive Branch & Double-Edged Sword

31: Reagan's Lists of Traitors & Cowards

27: List of Govt. Contacts July 1-2 and Their Action or Inaction So Far

25: Have Threats to Witnesses Already Begun?

14: Open Letter 1 to Govt: July 14 Status

11: 45 Declared Communist Takeover Goals

10: My Fellow Americans


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