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Solution to Yahoo Mail Login Problems

Posted on June 16, 2011

Lately some people are finding it impossible to login to their Yahoo Mail accounts, at first the problem appears to be an invalid password. Resetting or recovering the password does not work either.

I had this problem about a month and a half ago but managed to resolve it, I didn’t give it any more thought until last night when one of my friends told me he was having this problem with his Yahoo account.

I have 4 other Yahoo accounts in addition to the one I regularly use, so today I checked those Yahoo accounts to see if I have the same problem there. It turned out that I had the problem with 3 of my accounts today.

Here is the problem and solution.

If you try to login to your Yahoo account and you get a message telling you that either the password or user name is invalid, the cause seems to be the new Beta of Yahoo Mail.

In every case so far, the accounts that can’t be logged into are accounts which have not upgraded to the new Yahoo Mail. Resetting or recovering the password will not get you into your account, I tried that again and it does not fix the problem.

If you have Yahoo Messenger installed, you need to try logging in from there. It has worked every time for me. You don’t need to change the password. There is nothing wrong with your password, the problem is in Yahoo Mail.

Once you login via Messenger, you must upgrade your email account to the new Yahoo Mail.  Make the upgrade, then log out. Close your browser if you want to, then restart your browser. Then you will find that you have no more problems logging in.

If you go into your email account via Messenger, but don’t make the upgrade, you will still not be able to login once you log out from your email account. You have to make the upgrade to fix the problem. Nothing like forcing an upgrade on everyone, lol.

If you try to access your account from Yahoo Web Messenger while you are having this problem, you can not login. You need to run the full Messenger application, not the Web Messenger application.


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