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The Art Petacque Archives: Chicago Sun Times 1995

Posted on November 3, 2010

Art Petacque was one of the greatest organized crime reporters ever.

Petacque,  a Pulitzer Prize winner, worked for The Chicago Sun-Times. He retired in 1991, and died in 2001 at the age of 76.

A not so commonly known fact was that Art Petacque had created a set of files, clippings of stories about organized crimes, which was called The Art Petacque Archives.

The reason for The Art Petacque Archives, as stated in the one article that mentioned it years ago, was because records of many crimes were beginning to disappear.

The Art Petacque Archives were a place to find cases covered up by the government, or covered up by whomever.

In 1995,  my first quest to expose the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein took me to the Chicago Sun Times to ask permission to view the Art Petacque Archives so I could look for an article on a specific crime.

At that time, I was told that the Art Petacque Archive is only for the staff at The Sun Times, and no one else was ever allowed to view it. They were also too busy to have anyone look thru it for me.

The crime record I was looking for involved an unsolved heinous poisoning of a worker at a factory. The man ate something poisoned at lunch.  At first it was thought that he’d had a heart attack, then paramedics noticed that his tongue was black. It was determined that a deadly neural toxin was used.

First I had phoned the local police where it had occurred.

A detective called me back and said they could find no records, but he also said that he seemed to recall the incident, and he told me that just because they didn’t have a record didn’t mean that it had not happened.

I then phoned the factory and spoke to their on site medical department.  I was told they would provide absolutely no information.

So that is what brought me to the Sun Times for the Art Petacque Archives.

While I was at the Sun Times, I also had a search done for an article from earlier that year pertaining to the Alt Marianer (The Old Order of The Brotherhood of Saint Mary)  aka The Teutonic Knights. The article I wanted was not located.

When I went looking for the Art Petacque Archive in 1995, I was being shadowed by National Security Agents. I know that for a fact.

There was a cat and mouse game going on between myself and these “agents”.

So today I am curious if the Sun Times still has the Art Petacque Archives, and if not, then I’d like to know what happened to it and when.

I’m also curious about a story regarding over 900 missing police badges that the Cook County Sheriff’s Department couldn’t account for – from the same time period.

In my 1997 letter to General Shelton, I informed him of that situation with the badges, and I cited the pertinent newspaper article & publication date.  Quoting this July 25th post:

In 1997, I alerted General Shelton to the fact that over 900 badges from the Cook County Sheriff’s Department were missing and unaccounted for… no ideas who had them. I cited a Chicago newspaper article from 1996, and it appeared it was still a mystery when I contacted General Shelton in November 1997. I can now find no trace of that newspaper article.

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