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Arcturus aReaganDesignee Anti-NWO Websites Introduction

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”– Arthur Schopenhauer

last updated on 1-27-2015

This website primarily concerns some of the New World Order threats: Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Genocides, Organized Stalking, Traitors in U.S. Government and other connected NWO matters.

One of the connected NWO matters is my 1982 sighting of the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein being in the hands of NSA Devil Worshipers and the Clinton Administration's coverup of that starting in 1995, as well as the ongoing coverup today by Devil Worshipers still inside the NSA and other branches of government. My previous attempts to expose this matter during the Clinton Administration and why I am here today are discussed on several pages in my website, for example, take a look at The MKULTRA Trigger: Psychological Assault By A Cop At My Back Door Nov. 10-14, 2009, a page from my initial website in 2010, The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein. That page touches on a few issues that are elaborated on in the Missing Crown site & elsewhere. For example, on that page I mentioned my friend Alex. Now read this 2013 blog page, Dead Mexican & Girlfriend Were Stalked by Satanic Cult in Chicagoland. When certain investigators arrive they are going to be very surprised when they learn that all those things are true.

If it seems like there are a lot of tenuous connections to the Clintons in many of these matters (such as Alex's case) it is because there simply are a lot of tenuous connections to the Clintons. The connection in Alex's case is that the Satanic network that marked him and his girlfriend for death came from Arkansas.

The Clinton Administration is responsible for covering up some important matters that I came forward with for the first time in 1995. Not to mention all the other scandals and coverups that were the trademark of the Administration. I don't blame Bill or Hillary personally, but they are responsible nonetheless because of the secret cabals and what not that they have behind them which allowed the Satanic networks to go unchecked, in fact the Satanic networks were aided under the guise of National Security. Just look at some of the names of the people on the Intelligence Committees back then too, good ole Nancy Pelosi is on the roster there for example.

In April 2013, I published several blog posts that released key information I was withholding. I've said in the beginning in 2010 that I was withholding some information and that I was trying to set up a counter intelligence plan from the Reagan era. I also said that I would be acting as human bait in several counter intelligence traps. That will become a little clearer further on into this page and I will be getting into the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, including why devil worshipers have it and how it allegedly came to the United States and ended up in the hands of National Security Agency Devil Worshipers.

There are also some suggestions and ideas for fighting the NWO in the mix. This page is intended to provide a very brief synopsis of my 500 page website, which actually consists of 3 websites which were published in the following order: The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein website; Mind Control; and Kill The NWO Traitors Blog. If I had not been met with more coverup in July 2010 there would have only been the first website.

I am a survivor of MKULTRA, with additional MONARCH "programming" by a Paperclip Nazi (deduced from his claim that he was the sole survivor of a U.S.-German Anti-Communist Unit operating in the U.S. since 1947). That is explained in my websites and has been public since July 2010, and actually I disclosed that starting all the way back in 1995. Since escaping from the mind control clutches of the NSA and their local Organized Stalkers from within the Cook County Sherriff's Department in late 2009, I came here to try to expose and foil some particular New World Order plots. Once again I cite The MKULTRA Trigger: Psychological Assault By A Cop At My Back Door Nov. 10-14, 2009.

So it is clear, I was programmed with Nazi MONARCH techniques by a Paperclip Nazi but I am not a Nazi. That is in addition to an MKULTRA based process from DIA about a year earlier.

Most of the information I'm releasing about the New World Order threats comes directly from information given to me by DIA and that Paperclip Nazi, and from the dots I was able to connect using that information. The information was given to me under the use of memory enhancing drugs.

In case you do not know about the origin of U.S. Projects Paperclip and MKULTRA, watch Nazi Scientists brought to US conduct MKULTRA for a brief introduction, and here is a memo prepared for the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in 1995, which concerns the Paperclip Nazis and human experiments conducted in the United States. Also see MKULTRA Mind Control Cover Up: Congressional Hearings of 1977 & 1995 ACHRE Testimony & Related Material. Among other information on that page, you will find some of the known objectives of Projects Bluebird and MKULTRA predecessor's, including how to condition subjects to withstand information from being extracted from them by known means and to develop memory enhancement techniques.

Applying to the CIA in 1981 was very different from the way things are handled today. After making an application to the CIA in early November 1981, I was assigned to a DIA counter-intelligence operation in late November 1981 with a primary objective of providing a means to end the mind control experiments that were ongoing at that time - despite Presidential directives forbidding such experiments. That is in addition to genocide plots that were also ongoing. This is explained in my websites, for example see Presidential "Designee" Explained, another page from my initial web in 2010, The Liechtenstein Missing Crown website. That is also a page on which I said that I would be acting as human bait, and I also served notice to the traitors on The Hill on that page. See also List of Government Officials Contacted July 1-2 and Their Action or Inaction So Far.

A designee is someone who is designated to do something for someone. I was told that DIA would create whatever rank and security classifications would be needed to either personally carry out or activate Reagan's long range counter intelligence plan, depending on how things went with me over the years and whether or not I would be betrayed by a later government. I was told that I would "start meeting people" with the secret guidance of the CIA, and that 10 or 15 years later DIA would retrieve me from the sleeper mode they were placing me in, expecting the 10 to 15 years to have developed me into an operative with connections to most if not all subversive elements in the area, and expecting me to have developed some specific skills. My participation in this MKULTRA based plan posed risks for me, if I got caught doing something with one of the groups I would be on my own in dealing with the repurcussions. It was also possible that I might get killed just by associating with those groups. There was also a chance I would be betrayed by the intelligence agencies themselves during a later government. The Communist infiltrators and the NSA black ops they controlled were going to do things to me regardless of whether or not I agreed to the MKULTRA based assignment, I knew that too before I made my choice.

One thing I am saying is that whatever the CIA originally intended for me, and the same goes for DIA, it didn't go quite the way they wanted and I'm pretty sure they were all fed false reports long before 1990. Much of what I am claiming regarding the MKULTRA based assignment in 1981 was a known objective of MKULTRA, to make people able to withstand known Communist brainwashing techniques and to create sleeper agents who could be activated years later. And the use of memory enhancing drugs. I'm trying to carry out an old DIA plan that was betrayed but which should still be on record at INSCOM despite the NSA coverup.

Before DIA started the process of turning me into a sleeper for them I had to pass chemical questioning by them. So they shot me up with a truth serum and asked some questions, if I had given the wrong answer to any of those questions I would have been handled differently that particular day in 1981.

One thing you will see in my websites that I have been "associated" with quite a few 'subversive' groups in the past. Because I was a sleeper also designed to infiltrate and build contacts, I did that continuously without giving it the slightest thought, even after the NSA took control of my life in 1991. I neither confirm nor deny that I may have performed some services for the Communist infiltrators inside the NSA as a result of being tricked into believing it was the CIA. You will see some posts written about my involvement with mafias, street gangs, bikers, and others, and incidents from the past which concern Satanic New World Order plans for them all - past, present and future.

So if DIA decides to poke around there should be some trails now to certain persons of interest. I told General Shelton in 1997 that these people would not stop coming after me until I am dead. And I was right. I was provided with alternatives if DIA doesn't handle the matters, I try to give them every chance possible to resolve it before something else does. There is nothing I can do to stop that.

Read this page for some background on the DIA investigation I was assigned to in 1981, Un-Official History of the Long Range Takeover of America: Part 1: Coolidge Investigation of Harding Scandals & Discovery of Long Range Takeover Plan circa 1900-1920's. Sure that history is slanted, that is some of the case background that DIA gave me in 1981.

DIA only suspected that the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein was in the hands of the Satanic infiltrators inside the National Security Agency. There was an unconfirmed sighting by a CIA operative who was subsequently killed before he could get another look at the item. I saw the stolen Liechtenstein Crown myself, there is no question in my mind that it is indeed the lost Liechtenstein Crown, so I'm trying to expose what I know about that too, it is very pertinent to the Satanic New World Order that is threatening everyone today. It also gives a tiny glimpse of how long this Satanic NWO has been ongoing - the Liechtenstein Crown has been missing for 233 years. Read 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Missing Crown and Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein.

Since the day I launched these websites in 2010, I have said that I am withholding information and will release it at appropriate times. I also said that I was pursuing specific objectives from a long range counter intelligence contingency plan, despite the main plan being betrayed during the Clinton Administration. It was anticipated that the plan would be betrayed. Regarding withholding certain information, read Key Missing Crown of Liechtenstein Secret Disclosed. Also read Statement of Truth re My Latest Disclosures And A Message to the Satanic NWO Traitors.

I'm not saying I have the solution to all the problems, not at all, and no one person can stop the Satanic New World Order either. I'm just doing my part based on what I was supposed to accomplish. I had to try and alert Liechtenstein that their Stolen Crown is in the hands of NSA Devil Worshipers here. If the Liechtenstein Ruling Prince got my letter in 1996 they would already know that and more. I've signed their guestbook for whatever that's worth too.

You might find Anti-Communist Doesn't Mean Anti-Russian People an interesting read too.

Some of the objectives of this contingency plan were (not in order of importance):

* Try to prove or show that the past government stymied my earlier efforts to expose the mind control experiments of Satanic NSA infiltrator The Witch (aka The Snake Lady); and try to prove or show that the past government covered up The Witch's use of the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar (that was conditional upon if I was actually able to confirm it). Try to prove that the NSA was at the heart of coverup.

* Try to prove or show that the present government is continuing to make coverup of the NSA Devil Worshipers and their long range takeover plans, including my matters concerning The Witch (aka The Snake Lady) and the MKULTRA mind control experiments that were conducted in Lake County. Try to prove that the NSA is still at the heart of the coverup.

* Try to make the general population aware of the Satanic New World Order mind control experiments and other crimes that were committed; try to expose ongoing threats; and expose planned future threats. Try to provide the population with some tools to fight the NWO. Try to bring the people together against the common threats. Try to minimize civilian casualties (casualties from the NWO traitors - not casualties from me).

* Try to align with a particular global counter intelligence plan, which was to go into effect after it was clear that the U.S. betrayed a certain secret agreement to stop multiple New World Order threats by a certain target date.

* Try to alert the U.S. Intelligence Community (and any loose canons within those agencies) to the specific long range counter intelligence plan that Reagan had put in place starting in December 1981 - which I was attached to.

* Try to activate a particular U.S. military counter intelligence operation. From the start of my websites in 2010, I identified myself as codename Arcturus, and Commander in Chief Ronald Reagan as codename Boötes.

* Try to eliminate traitors and enemy forces using any means neccessary.

Most of those objectives are pursued via my blog and videos, with some action underboard too. Just by providing my story to the public I have been able to pursue those objectives. The key word is "some" of the objectives, and if there is success it will be some time before it all becomes apparent. It's just a coincidence that about a month after I published my video 2012 Alignment with Anonymous, Anonymous announced their targeting of the NSA (for their many crimes) in Anonymous: Message to NSA. See also Anonymous - Final Message To NSA, published in 2013 after Edward Snowden began exposing the NSA's massive illegal surveillance at home and abroad. When I launched these websites in July 2010 the vast majority of people in the United States had never even heard of the NSA.

I did not present a petition to former Congressmen Joe Walsh, he was instantly diffused when his ex-wife destroyed his political career with claims of Dead Beat Dad. I mentioned a petition to him in the Alignment with Anonymous video.

Btw, there were also a couple genocide matters involved in the investigation I was assigned to. For example, Ethnic Biological Weapons: November 1970 Military Review and Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide. Use of biological weapons is thousands of years old, read Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism: A Historical Review (by Stefan Riedel). There was a personal reason why I was informed of the genocide plots, that's explained in my web site too.

The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein website

The "Liechtenstein Missing Crown" website is about an NSA Devil Worshiper known locally as The Witch, later aka The Snake Lady, who was using The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar. She was also known to be a Communist. As far as I'm concerned, the best confirmation of that last fact will come from the Detroit office of the Ace of Spades club, which should then result in a significant bite being taken out of the Satanic New World Order in the United States. The Detroit connection is explained in my website, you will bump into it on several of the links on this page, also read Cosa Nostra vs NSA Devil Worshipers & Communists. You will find me courting some very surprising allies on my blog, for example see Waukegan Night Sinners MC Leader & 2 More Die in House Explosion aka Paging Chicago Outlaws re The Night Sinners.

Read Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein.

I saw The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar myself. I have first hand knowledge of this matter. I've been trying to expose this since 1995 but the rulers of the U.S. keep trying to cover it up and help the Satanic New World Order complete. My earlier efforts to resolve this through "ordinary" channels and the subsequent coverups are discussed in my websites several times.

The "Liechtenstein Missing Crown" web consists of several pages which tell the story of my sighting, provides some key background, and discusses my past efforts to resolve this through the channels any ordinary citizen would use, i.e. contacting the FBI in person, writing letters to Congressmen, etc. Also see this blog page, List of Government Officials Contacted July 1-2 and Their Action or Inaction So Far.

In 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Missing Crown, one matter that I discussed was that I described the technique that was used to break into my mind (as well as enough details of the rest of the process). Only members of the global intelligence community will know that I am describing known techniques - known to the intelligence community and not known to the public. That might lead to some help arriving from several sectors. A good question though is what sort of help, and for whom.

1756 drawing of stolen Ducal hat of Liechtenstein

1984 Invitation to Liechtenstein From Ketterhagen

Ketterhagen Report: 1990 Murder Attempt

Mystery Cop at 1990 Murder Attempt

How Crown Came to America

Proof Crown Exists

Presidential Designee Explained

My Journalist Credentials 1981-1982

Honor Papers 1977-1982

George H. Boehmer Anti-Communist Papers

Why Devil Worshipers Have The Liechtenstein Crown

Key Missing Crown of Liechtenstein Secret Disclosed

Statement of Truth re My Latest Disclosures

1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Crown

Liechtenstein FedEx Contact 1996

Phone Tampering & Poisoning After Liechtenstein Phone Calls 1995

Analysis of 1995 Phone Tampering & Poisoning re Liechtenstein Stolen Crown

The Trigger: 2009 Psychological Assault By Cop

Rub The Traitors Noses In This Attempted Murder Coverup

Missing Crown of Liechtenstein in Lake County IL

There are also several unresolved local murders connected to NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch aka The Snake Lady.

The most notable is the case of Johnny X in Round Lake Beach. There was also a wave of mysterious teenager suicides in Antioch, IL - when The Witch was known there as The Snake Lady. I also have first hand knowledge that The Snake Lady was selling drugs to teenagers from Antioch during that time period, that's all explained in the related posts. See this index page from my blog, The Witch aka The Snake Lady: NSA Devil Worshiper & MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments.

Hillary Newsweek Cover Fuck Liechtenstein

Last known location of Stolen Liechtenstein Crown

The Witch

Nancy Pelosi

One of the key matters on my sites is the NSA Devil Worshipers. The National Security Agency is a vehicle for the Satanic New World Order, that is not a theory.

The National Security Agency has been infiltrated by Devil Worshipers known to be working long range takeover plans that span several generations. Long range Satanic takeover of the United States is in progress, and those Devil Worshipers are known to be planning to use Brainwave Frequency Following Response Microwave Mind Control on the entire population. See NSA Devil Worshipers Tagged Posts. NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino is pictured below.

NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino

   My NSA Devil Worshipers materials are aimed at exposing the previous generation of these Satanic infiltrators, and the existence of their ongoing long range takeover plans today. Actually the existence of Satanic infiltrators inside the NSA working long range takeover has already been exposed, so I'm trying to expose only one NSA Devil Worshiper (The Witch aka The Snake Lady) and publicize the existence of the other NSA Devil Worshipers.

One of the matters that has been public all the time but overlooked until I decided to point it out, is that NSA Devil Worshiper Michael Aquino claimed his Italian ancestry in a public letter to Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent who unsuccessfully crusaded against Aquino and his sordid associates. See this pdf, Letter to Ted Gunderson by Michael A. Aquino.

That little fact of Aquino's ancestry and a connection to our WWII Army fits perfectly with The Bulgarian's account of The Witch's explanation of how she acquired her piece of the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein from Italian Communists. Read How The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein Came To America. I am not accusing Aquino's father of any wrongdoing, I am merely stating the obvious: those are very interesting coincidences.

Perhaps some things will now become clear for some people, for instance the importance of alerting certain Mafia families that someone from their peers has been plotting against them in alliance with Devil Worshipers and Communists and that those traitors have screwed everyone. This is in the best interests of everyone who is not a devil worshiper. Everyone. There are many groups which have been manipulated by the power behind this Satanic shit, this is only a workable solution for the Italian and Sicilian groups, but it will also help everyone. Don't worry, there are plans in the works for some other key groups.

What you should really be concerned about is locating and stopping the current generation of Satanic infiltrators inside of our NSA and other intelligence agencies. That will not be easily accomplished, and it requires assistance from within the United States Intelligence Community.

Those Devil Worshipers are deeply rooted into our government and military, and they use the cloak of "national security" as a shield against justice so they can perpetrate many crimes against the people of the United States - and other countries. The Satanic New World Order is a global conspiracy to conquer the entire planet.

The NSA Devil Worshipers are known to be guilty of plotting to mind control the entire world population using Microwave Mind Control.

NSA Satanic Long Range Takeover of America

These websites also provide information about subliminal and not-subliminal Microwave Mind Control Weapons, such as Silent Sound, Brainwave Frequency Following Response, and other technological and psychological tools being used against unsuspecting Targeted Individuals. Below are some pertinent pages:

Targeting U.S. Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons

Microwave Weapons Used In Directed Energy Weapon Attacks On Individuals & Global Criminal Use Of DEWs

Some Documentation of Microwave Hearing & Mind Control

23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003)

Videos About Mind Control Weapons, Technology & Devices

Silent Sound Subliminal Mind Control Explained (pdf)

The Secret Government's Ability to Erase Memory - Memory Erasure Is A Fact Not Fiction

Brainwave Frequency Following Response (one form of Microwave Mind Control) can be broadcast by piggy backing the microwave signals on TV, radio, and any other device that can receive and transmit to you the subliminal microwave signals.

Electromagnetic Mind Control via TV & Radio Signals

Brainwave Frequnecy Following Response

Silent Sound graphic

* The website titled "Mind Control" in the navigation menu provides information primarily about Microwave Mind Control Weapons that are being used on people today, featuring videos with easy to understand explanations of how the devices work and their capabilities. That section is a little unorganized, fixing it up is on my to-do list.

What is Organized Stalking? Read this pdf by Eleanor White, Organized Stalking Information For People For Whom This Crime Is A New Issue.


Aquino Mind Control Gremlin

NSA Flying Monkey Stalkers in Chicago & Elsewhere: Borg Insects & Micro UAV in Chicago

NSA Flying Monkeys at work

* The "Kill The NWO Traitors Blog" contains many NWO matters, expanded information on everything above and below, and then some.

Mind Control

NSA Devil Worshipers

Microwave & Ultrasound Mind Control Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons

Organized Stalking

Traitors in the U.S. Government

Internet Censorship

Other New World Order matters/threats

In February 2012, due to incessant attacks from hackers, (some of which came from NSA spam servers in China), and damage to the blog's link structure and MySQL database, I put the dynamic blog posts to regular html pages, to reduce the surface area for web attacks. I haven't invested the time to restore all of the tag and category pages.

* There's a YouTube Channel with a few popular videos that provide facts about some of these matters and more. There are 3 playlists in my YouTube channel that you might find enlightening, links are in the navigation menu.

Due to Google/YouTube's collaboration with the NSA, I started up a channel at Daily Motion, it's in the navigation menu under the YouTube menu. I'm looking at other video hosting sites for additional alternatives to YouTube.

* The RSS feed covers all 3 websites.

Hand coded RSS Atom feed, manually updated when I make new pages or changes. Nothing fancy but it works. The new page descriptions are generally not lines verbatim from the post, I try to summarize the key point as briefly as possible.

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed;
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

NSA Devil Worshipers logo

A question was raised a couple times this year, what is the point of me continuing if the U.S. military is not answering the call. That is a good question and it's been on my mind lately too. First, I know certain matters that are planned. Because of the nature, likelihood and severity of those threats, and the effects they will have on the general population, I am compelled to try to help the people. Also, I can not reach "Valhalla" by not trying. No, I don't worship Odin or any other such, I serve the one true God. I just used Valhalla as an allegory. There are several flavors of "apocalypse" which have been offered by several religions, it's not a new concept. Neither is God and The Plurality of Worlds.

The answer to why bother also relates partly to what I said in 2010 about handing a double edged sword to our so called elected representatives - pursuant to the orders I was given in 1981. I also have said that "all things all in good time", and "these sort of things take time to circulate."  There is likely much on my websites and videos that will not be understood or believed by my fellow Americans. However, people from other countries will understand and believe those matters. In addition, now that I have the attention of the desired intelligence agencies (domestic and foreign) and other concerned parties (4 years after starting out here), I can set about to reformatting my account of the stolen Crown of Liechtenstein, to tell the story without holding back certain matters.

I do not need to hold proof of Reagan's long range DIA plan in my hand, nor do I need to hold proof that NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch aka The Snake Lady did mind control experiments for the NSA and was using The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar. The Bulgarian was to ensure that the evidence he had accumulated would be strategically placed with certain intelligence agencies around the globe, and of course the United States military would have received the documentation first. So I would have a chance to activate some counter intelligence plans if nothing else.

Let me try to shed some light on another perspective. Even if I could take 500 traitors from Congress right at this very moment, line them up, and then shoot each one, that would not stop what is coming for not only the United States, but for the entire planet and it's inhabitants as well. A defeat of the Satanic New World Order threat must also yield a New World Order where each individual is responsible for his/her actions, instead of a New World Order of Police State and Mind Control, or a New World Order of Mass Murder and Slavery. I do not know how such a New World Order where each individual is responsible for his/her actions can be accomplished, so I am focused on trying to kill the Satanic New World Order and hope a solution to the larger problem arises from somewhere else after I am gone. I'm not saying that I aim to take 500 traitors from Congress for said disposition, I just used that for an allegory.

Both myself and my family have been assaulted by the Satanic New World Order. I was experimented on, manipulated, and controlled for decades. I have been a victim of Organized Stalking since that started up nationwide in the mid 1990's under the Clinton Administration. This is not about revenge, if I had chosen to pursue revenge then there would not have been any websites, only a body count and mystery to the public. Instead I have to try to help the people, it's more important. By coming forward as I have done, I can not turn aside for personal revenge even if I wanted to. However, despite me not actively pursuing revenge, if the plans succeed I will have some measure of revenge without it interfering in the pursuit of the mission objectives. The Satanic New World Order has assaulted many people, I am just one victim of many. With many more victims planned for the future unless their plans are stopped.

No matter what happens with me, and no matter if no one carries out the next phase of the plan I am working, I have seen enough signs (in news reports, etc...) to know that multiple plans are in motion globally against the Satanic New World Order and that everyone who needs to be sorted out will be sorted out - one way or another. I am trying to help the innocent avoid being sorted out with the guilty.

By now the geniuses at the National Security Agency have realized the use of Microwave Hearing technology can not break me. It's been 7 months since I published February 2014 Organized Stalking Status, I've moved one more time and I still haven't heard anything unusual. However, although there has been no sign of Microwave Hearing in use, during the 7 month interim I've developed some sort of digestive system problem, naturally it affects my finances and jeopardizes my employment at a company I'd prefer to stay working at, which is also located close to home. As much as I would like to pin it on the NSA I simply can't, it appears as coincidence.

From my blog post Some Documentation of Microwave Hearing & Mind Control, concerning the excerpts from the declassified U.S. Military report, Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons:

"Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard "voices within one's head." "

Read The Bible & Prophets Who Kill, I may yet be going there too before I'm done whether I like it or not. Personally I love the story of 1 Kings 18:20-40  Where Elijah Kills 450 of Baal’s Prophets, such a happy ending to give hope for the future.


I will be coming back to this page to add to the so called 'synopsis' for all 3 sections of my website, when I do that I'll update the date at the top of this page and bump the rss feed. There are many issues not touched on today.

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