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Website Introduction/Synopsis

This website is primarily about some New World Order threats: Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Genocides, Organized Stalking, and connected NWO matters, for example, the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein being in the hands of NSA Devil Worshipers. The are also some suggestions and ideas for fighting the NWO in the mix. This page provides a brief synopsis of the three sections of this 500 page website.

I am a survivor of MKULTRA, with additional MONARCH "programming" by a Paperclip Nazi (deduced from his claim that he was the sole survivor of a US-German Anti-Communist Unit operating in the U.S. since 1947). It's explained in my website. I came here to try to expose and foil some particular New World Order plots.

In case you do not know about the origin of U.S. Projects Paperclip and MKULTRA, see Nazi Scientists brought to US conduct MKULTRA, and here is a memo prepared for the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in 1995, which concerns the Paperclip Nazis and human experiments conducted in the United States.

I was assigned to a DIA counter-intelligence operation in November 1981 with a primary objective of providing a means to end the mind control experiments that were ongoing at that time - despite Presidential directives forbidding such experiments. That is in addition to genocide plots that were also ongoing. This is explained in my websites.

DIA only suspected that the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein was in the hands of the Satanic infiltrators inside the National Security Agency. There was an unconfirmed sighting by a CIA operative who was subsequently killed before he could get another look at the item. I saw the stolen Liechtenstein Crown myself, there is no question in my mind that it is indeed the lost Liechtenstein Crown, so I'm trying to expose what I know about that too, it is very pertinent to the Satanic New World Order that is threatening everyone today. It also gives a tiny glimpse of how long this Satanic NWO has been ongoing - the Liechtenstein Crown has been missing for 233 years.

Since the day I launched these websites in 2010, I have said that I am withholding information and will release it at appropriate times. I also said that I was pursuing specific objectives from a long range counter intelligence contingency plan, despite the main plan being betrayed during the Clinton Administration.

Some of the objectives of this contingency plan were (not in order of importance):

* Try to prove or show that the past government stymied my earlier efforts to expose the mind control experiments of Satanic NSA infiltrator The Witch (aka The Snake Lady); and her use of the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar. Try to prove that the NSA was at the heart of the coverup.

* Try to prove or show that the present government is continuing to make coverup of the NSA Devil Worshipers and their long range takeover plans, including my matters concerning The Witch (aka The Snake Lady). Try to prove that the NSA is still at the heart of the coverup.

* Try to make the general population aware of the Satanic New World Order mind control experiments and other crimes that were committed; try to expose ongoing threats; and expose planned future threats. Try to provide the population with some tools to fight the NWO.

* Try to align with a certain global counter intelligence plan, which was to go into effect after it was clear that the U.S. betrayed a certain secret agreement to stop multiple New World Order threats by a certain date.

* Try to alert the U.S. Intelligence Community to the specific long range counter intelligence plan that Reagan had put in place starting in December 1981 - which I was attached to.

*Try to activate a particular military counter operation.

The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein website

The "Liechtenstein Missing Crown" website is about an NSA Devil Worshiper known locally as The Witch, later aka The Snake Lady, who was using The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar.

Read Why Devil Worshipers Have The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein.

I saw The Missing Crown of Liechtenstein on her God damned witch's altar myself. I have first hand knowledge of this matter. I've been trying to expose this since 1995 but the rulers of the U.S. keep trying to cover it up and help the Satanic NWO. My earlier efforts to resolve this through "ordinary" channels and the subsequent coverups are discussed in my websites.

The "Liechtenstein Missing Crown" web consists of several pages which tell the story of my sighting, provides some key background, and discusses my past efforts to resolve this through the channels any ordinary citizen would use, i.e. contacting the FBI in person, writing letters to Congressmen, etc.

In 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Missing Crown, one matter that I discussed was that I described the technique that was used to break into my mind (as well as enough details of the rest of the process). Only members of the global intelligence community will know that I am describing known techniques - known to the intelligence community and not known to the public. That might lead to some help arriving.

There are also several unresolved local murders connected to NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch aka The Snake Lady.

The most notable is the case of Johnny X in Round Lake Beach. There was also a wave of mysterious teenager suicides in Antioch, IL - when The Witch was known there as The Snake Lady. I also have first hand knowledge that The Snake Lady was selling drugs to teenagers from Antioch during that time period, that's all explained in the related posts. See The Witch aka The Snake Lady: NSA Devil Worshiper & MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments

Hillary Newsweek Cover Fuck Liechtenstein Last known location of Stolen Liechtenstein Crown

The Witch

One of the key matters on my sites is the NSA Devil Worshipers.

The National Security Agency has been infiltrated by Devil Worshipers known to be working long range takeover plans that span several generations. Long range Satanic takeover of the United States is in progress, and those Devil Worshipers are known to be planning to use Brainwave Frequency Following Response Microwave Mind Control on the entire population. See NSA Devil Worshipers Tagged Posts

   My NSA Devil Worshipers materials are aimed at exposing the previous generation of these Satanic infiltrators, and the existence of their ongoing long range takeover plans today. Actually the existence of Satanic infiltrators inside the NSA working long range takeover has already been exposed, so I'm trying to expose only one NSA Devil Worshiper (The Witch aka The Snake Lady) and publicize the existence of the other NSA Devil Worshipers.

What you should really be concerned about is locating and stopping the current generation of Satanic infiltrators inside of our NSA and other intelligence agencies. These Devil Worshipers are deeply rooted into our government and military, and they use the cloak of "national security" as a shield against justice so they can perpetrate many crimes against the people of the United States - and other countries. The Satanic New World Order is a global conspiracy to conquer the entire planet.

These websites also provide information about subliminal and not-subliminal Microwave Mind Control Weapons, such as Silent Sound, Brainwave Frequency Following Response, and other technological and psychological tools being used against unsuspecting Targeted Individuals. Below are some pertinent pages:

Targeting U.S. Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons

Microwave Weapons Used In Directed Energy Weapon Attacks On Individuals & Global Criminal Use Of DEWs

Some Documentation of Microwave Hearing & Mind Control

23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003)

Videos About Mind Control Weapons, Technology & Devices

Silent Sound Subliminal Mind Control Explained (pdf)

The Secret Government's Ability to Erase Memory - Memory Erasure Is A Fact Not Fiction

The NSA Devil Worshipers are known to be guilty of plotting to mind control the entire world population using Microwave Mind Control.

NSA Satanic Long Range Takeover of America

Brainwave Frequency Following Response (one form of Microwave Mind Control) can be broadcast by piggy backing the microwave signals on TV, radio, and any other device that can receive and transmit to you the subliminal microwave signals.

Electromagnetic Mind Control via TV & Radio Signals

Brainwave Frequnecy Following Response

Silent Sound graphic

* The website titled "Mind Control" in the navigation menu provides information about a variety of New World Order matters, including:

Mind Control

NSA Devil Worshipers

Microwave & Ultrasound Mind Control Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons

Organized Stalking

Traitors in the U.S. Government

Internet Censorship

Other New World Order matters/threats

You will find information on some of the Microwave Mind Control Weapons that are being used on people today, featuring videos with easy to understand explanations of how the devices work and their capabilities.

What is Organized Stalking? Read this pdf by Eleanor White, Organized Stalking Information For People For Whom This Crime Is A New Issue.


Aquino Mind Control Gremlin

NSA Flying Monkey Stalkers in Chicago & Elsewhere: Borg Insects & Micro UAV in Chicago

NSA Flying Monkeys at work

* The "Kill The NWO Traitors Blog" contains many NWO matters, expanded information on everything listed above, and then some.

In February 2012, due to incessant attacks from hackers, (some of which came from NSA spam servers in China), and damage to the blog's link structure and MySQL database, I put the dynamic blog posts to regular html pages, to reduce the surface area for web attacks.

* There's also a YouTube Channel with some popular videos that provide facts about all of these matters and more.

There are also 3 playlists in my YouTube channel that you might find enlightening, links are in the navigation menu.

Due to Google/YouTube's collaboration with the NSA, I started up a channel at Daily Motion, it's in the navigation menu under the YouTube menu. I'm looking at other video hosting sites for additional alternatives to YouTube.

* The RSS feed covers all 3 websites.

Hand coded RSS Atom feed, manually updated when I make new pages or changes. Nothing fancy but it works. The new page descriptions are generally not lines verbatim from the post, I try to summarize the key point as briefly as possible.

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed;
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

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